Tuesday, 18 March 2014

If all else fails, read the instructions


To be fair, my friend did read the washing instructions for her new alpaca jumper, but her new washing machine let her down.  See photo for the results of washing alpaca in a hot wash!!

Pam, my friend who knits most of the hand knitted range has designed a new version of the Beanie Hat with a more feminine look.

Also headbands in the Glampaca range.

Dolly the sheepdog was sadly missed today.   She is lame (no idea why) and is being lead walked and rested.  Nick and I had a lot of alpaca sorting to do to get males with the right females for mating,.  Normally that sort of job is a doddle, but we realised how much we rely on Dolly's help!!  She does not really have to do much, but the alpacas know that "She must be obeyed" .

We wanted to take one male away from his little group of females and return them (pregnant we hope) to the main herd.   Then we needed to bring another male up and select his group of females.  It took forever and they were extremely uncooperative.  We finally achieved our goal but it took a lot of patience.   Seems like we need a Dolly deputy.

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