Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Scary Afternoon


Nick was here today spreading Grasstrak (a mineral dressing for the fields) and Lime which helps to address the ph balance.  

Then he and Mike went up to the paddock nearest the road to tow out an old granite roller which Mike is selling.  He needed to take a photograph.

A little while after that I heard Mike calling for Jake.  When he and Nick caught up with me they asked if I knew where Jake was, but I had not seen him since giving him some titbits earlier.   Romie had jumped out of the dog enclosure where we shut them in for safety sometimes if there are a lot of machinery or vehicle movements going on.  She was under the wooden lodge and would not come out, so I hoped if she saw Jake getting a treat she would oblige, but she is too clever/naughty for that!!

I had not seen him and so we began an extensive search of the farm including going all round the perimeter on the Quad bike.  We called and search for over an hour and then Mike drove all round the area and called at the shop in Perry Street, which is our nearest, to enquire if anyone had told them of a stray dog.

We decided that we would have to call the police and Mike went indoors to do so.   He came out and jumped in the truck ready to drive off.   As he was entering the house the phone had  rung and it was the local school asking if we had lost a dog.   Apparently Jake had wandered into the school yard.   We cannot imagine how he got there as it is over a mile away.  He is usually glued to Mike and likes to keep an eye on his every move.  It was VERY out of character for him to wander off.

It is a real mystery, but a happy ending.

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