Tuesday, 30 April 2013



Time has flown by since the last entry.  At last the grass is green and the farm is looking much better.  Some of the alpacas are still less than well covered but all seem to be fit and well and definitely enjoying sunbathing.

Alario, our original stud male who we chose on our buying trip to Chile, has been sold to a breeder in Italy and the vet came today to carry out some pre-export tests.   Fingers crossed that there is no bad news when the test results are known.   He was living with the sheep over the winter and put on a lot of weight as he became partial to Ewe nuts which we gave the ewes to keep them in condition.   Since being back on grass only he has almost returned to his normal size.

All the females are down in the winter paddocks - now renamed, the summer paddocks!!  The paddocks had a long rest over the winter as we kept most of the alpacas in the home paddocks where we could make sure they had enough feed and when the weather was really severe they went in the barn.  They should start to get some condition back and their fleeces are looking really great.   They will be shorn on the 9th May, which is a shame in some ways as I like it when they look all fluffy and cuddly.

We are having an alpaca sale on the farm on Thursday.   We have had them in the past and we often do not sell any animals on the day, but people take the opportunity to come and have a look and come back later when they are ready to buy.  We will also have our alpaca yarn and garments etc: available for sale.

The Building Inspector came to check the house today and found a few items which need doing.   We are going to have to have a fire wall between the house and the rest of the barn.   This is the first time it has been mentioned, so we are a little put out as we thought all the building works had been completed, but still I am sure he is right.  We already have a fire door and the additional work will not effect all our lovely fresh decorations as it can be done on the barn side.

We are free-ranging the male alpacas including all the weanlings in the hope that they will act as lawn mowers  for the grass near the house.   They come up to the porch (glass) and the glass doors and look in at us.  Probably cannot understand what has happened to their old barn!!

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