Sunday, 14 October 2012


Just thought you might like to see the Gotland Sheep.   Three of them are very friendly but one is a bit stand offish at the moment but they seem to be settling in very well.

We are loving the new windows in the "house".  From the attic in the barn part there is a fantastic view of the Devon countryside which is even better than the view over our fields. are getting quite a lot of interest in the Christmas Market which is here on the 1st December.   We have  15 stalls booked and we have enough of our own products to sell to take up another 3.  Now it is just a question of the weather and getting enough customers.  Luckily I have been able to hire some tables from the village hall for those exhibitors who cannot bring their own.   It was a bit heart stopping when the person who organises the bookings for the hall told me that it was booked for a party that day.   Luckily they don't need many tables so we can have them!!

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