Sunday, 8 January 2012

Goat Health

At last a couple of dry days.   The builders have been able to progress with the retaining wall behind the barn we are converting.   The building regulations application has gone in so as soon as we can get the new barn finished we can start on the house.

Mike has been driving our little digger so I have been taking the haylage round, and feeding all the animals first thing in the mornings, so that he can get on.  I must admit it beats housework and I don't think anyone has even noticed the lack of hoovering and dusting.  I just love it when the goats come galloping up when I go into their paddock, or if they have been shut in because of bad weather, they come rushing out of their house.  I know it is only cupboard love, but who cares.   The weanlings are fed when they are in the barn so when they see me walking down the race with a bucket they get very excited too.

I am trying to be good and get to grips with halter training the weanlings.   Three of them are pretty much there - only seven to go.  Luckily I started with the oldest, because we sold two alpacas this morning, one of which was a handsome dark fawn weanling who is walking quite nicely on his lead rein.

Seven, the poorly kid, seems to be holding her own,but she and another doe have been scouring so we gave all the goats a dose of Vecoxan in case they are harbouring coccidia,which is a common problem in angora goats.

Dodger, the visiting dog is part of the pack now and just as good and naughty as the others.

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