Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Busy Busy

Well, the retaining wall is progressing quite well, although rain has stopped play a couple of times.   The main wall is in blockwork but we are having brick piers by the steps up to the field.   We are waiting for the new barn to have its floor concreted so that the builders can start on our house as soon as the garden wall is finished.   All the necessary paper work has gone in to the Building Regulations Department of the Council and we are hoping that everything will go fairly smoothly once it gets going.

Dolly is being a great help in bringing up the alpacas and putting the goats to bed.  It saves having to interrupt Mike every time I need a hand and it makes Dolly sleep well!!
We are really pleased with the quality of this years' weanlings, although it is a shame that they are mostly boys as we needed some girls to replace the stock we have sold.  Mike and I dosed the whole herd with a vitamin and mineral drench yesterday to keep them healthy during the winter when the grass is poor and there is no sunlight.   They are now due for their annual vaccinations which we will carry out as soon as the vaccine arrives.

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