Thursday, 5 May 2011

No 7 Dog

Number 7 kid seems to have turned into a puppy dog.   As soon as she sees one of us with her bottle she comes running up bleating and skipping and if she does not get it soon enough she jumps up just like a dog.  I know we shouldn't let her do it as she  will be a big heavy goat one day, but it is soooo cute!!

Quite a few kids seem to be scouring a little so tomorrow we are going to give them all a dose of Vecoxan just in case.  This is an oral medication for Coccidia (not sure if I have spelt it correctly) which is a stomach bug that can kill quite quickly if not treated.

Alpaca matings are going well and our first cria is due later this month (from last year's matings).

We only have three young males left for sale which is a relief as we had more males than usual born this year.  We have a couple of people interested in them, so fingers crossed they will be on their way to a new home soon.

After months of being short of grass we are now over run with grass,  nettles, docks and other weeds.  Buttercups are coming up all over the place and we have never seen so many dandelions on the front bank.  Mike is manfully strimming and we are trying to keep the little garden tidy.

We are having a coffee morning in aid of Devon Air Ambulance on the 14 May so we are tr;ying to get everything looking a bit neater than usual.  We  did one last year and it was a great success, greatly aided by a lovely sunny day.  We are hoping for the same luck this year.

Some friends are going to help put on a Dog Agility Display and there will be a cake stall, craft table, raffle, and of course a chance to see the alpacas, goats and chickens as well as chilling out with a nice cup of coffee, a lovely view, and good company.

Dolly, my  15 month old pup is coming on in leaps and bounds with her agility.   She seems to be taking to it  like a duck to water.  I think she might have her mother's speed but is more controllable at the moment at least. Chairlie did very well at the weekend and if we ever manage to get a clear round I think he will be in the places.

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