Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Man flu

Mike and I have both had colds but I definitely had man flu - I lost my voice and had a really bad cough which made by bronchial tubes sore.   Unusually I just could not drag myself around the farm and poor Mike has had to do all the farm work himself for a couple of days.   

This afternoon I suddenly felt much better, although I still get fits of coughing when I go out into the cold.

We have started to drench (give orally) some minerals and vitamins to the herd but I had to give up after administering to the females and the males.  Now that I am feeling better we will be able to treat the weanlings and the Chardstock 6.  We are feeding hard feed as well as hay at the moment as some of the herd seem to be getting a little out of condition.  Probably because they had about a week with the grass being covered in snow.

Chale who was scouring seems to be OK now so the treatment has worked.  Don't know what caused it - perhaps just eating frozen grass or eating something out of the hedgerow that disagreed with him.

I had a card from my old friend Allanah this week and she said she liked the blog so I am hoping she reads this so she can confirm that she receives my Christmas card every year as the address I have got is quite old.

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