Tuesday, 28 December 2010

After Christmas

Christmas went really well.   We managed to get out of the farm easily and had a lovely time with David and Jane and the children.  We did not stay too long just in case but it was like being let out of jail freefor a few hours!!

The weather has changed, the snow has gone and Nick and I made up for the last few weeks by trimming the kids' hooves, drenching the herd with a mineral and vitamin mixture and condition checking.  As it has been several weeks since they have been able to even see grass, we were not surprised to find one or two a little under weight so we have decided to change from hay to haylage for a few weeks to try and give them a  boost.   Most of the half a dozen who are a little out of condition are youngsters and it might be that their teeth are changing and making eating slower - also they are a bit timid and being pushed to the back of the queue by the older more dominant females.

The weather is expected to be mild into the new year now so we should be able to catch up with a lot of jobs.

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