Saturday, 29 May 2010

Two Headed Goat - Just kidding!!

Well we now have four girls and one boy.  I thought I would go over to the goathouse and catch the kids frolicking around, but typical kids, they were all fast asleep.   It has turned quite chilly today so we kept the goats in all day as the kids do not have an extra layer of fat like lambs so they are not quite as hardy at this age.   Probably because they originate in Turkey which is a bit hotter than England!!  We  are now crossing our fingers that they will be OK for the next few weeks until their vaccinations are finished.  

Nick came in to help me castrate the second boy but he turned out to be a girl.  I mistook his teats for testicles!!   Shame really because I have got an order for 2 male goats.  Will have to see if I can buy one in!!  I think we will keep the girls for breeding.   The Buck, Drake is a prize winning animal and his kids are looking lovely at the moment, so fingers crossed we have the start of a good herd.  We should do well if all the boys turn into girls!!  He did not have a wasted journey as he was also collecting some hurdles we got for him.

I am really loving having the goats.  They are so easy to keep and they all have their babies at the same time so you are not tied so much as with alpacas.   We are working towards getting the alpacas births closer together but we cannot afford to miss a year's matings to achieve it, or the herd will be too small to allow any sales.

Some lovely rain at the moment. Mike is really enjoying it as he is competing with Jake at an agility show.

I am scriming at the same agility show tomorrow so I am hoping that Mike has all the rain and leaves me a nice sunny day.  In the good old days in agility there was a timer who used a hand stop watch to time the dogs' runs and a scribe whose job it was to write down the faults given by the judge and then the time from the timer.   The advent of electronic timing meant that the scribe effectively does both jobs - hence the title "Scrimer".

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