Sunday, 18 October 2009


Big family get together yesterday. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves - with the possible exception of the dogs who had to spend nearly all afternoon and evening in the garden. They did have a nice big load of marrow bones to chew, thought, so it was not all bad.

We decided to delay moving the herd down to the winter paddocks but opened up three top paddocks and also the race that we normally walk the dogs down. there is plenty of good grass in it which will keep them going for another week or so.

Today we finally delivered Alvaro, Amato, and Esteban the three young males who we sold some weeks ago. Their new owners have been waiting for their fences to be finished. After a bumpy and twisty journey they arrived and in usual alpaca style, casually wandered out of the trailer to start their new life.

At last we have our 4 x 4 truck back. It has been in the garage for several weeks, but we were delighted when Chris delivered it back to us when they came down for the family get together.

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