Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Just a quickie

Finally a fine day. This morning I took Jake and Romie training at Tollard Royal where strangely the weather was still foul.

At home it was lovely and we took the opportunity to test our females to make sure they are pregnant. So far so good.

We then selected the alpacas we are taking to the Honiton Show tomorrow. Only two females because the other young ones we might have shown are all pregnant now. Only two males because we did not have many males in 2008 and most have been sold. We checked them over and decided that we ought to spruce them up a bit so we cut their toe nails and trimmed their top knots.

We let the girls wander around in the farm yard until about 7.30 p.m. when we put the chickens to bed and then put them in the barn just in case the weather forecast is wrong and rain comes in. Our two females are very pretty although only one has a fleece which I think might catch the judge's eye.

It should be nice and relaxing apart from the actual showing which can be a bit time consuming.

Pam - our lovely neighbour who helps clean the paddocks twice a week - is going to keep any eye on things (especially the pregnant soon-to-be Mums) and give us a ring if any of the remaining two pregnant females for 2009 give birth.

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