Thursday, 19 February 2009

Half Term

We have not had many farm visitors during the recent bad weather but they have made up for it this week. We have only had a few sales in the shop because most of the visitors have been families coming to look at the alpacas and the children have enjoyed playing with the kittens too.

There have also been at least two potential buyers of alpacas who have seen our website and called in to see what we are about. One family already has some land and the others are hoping to move to the area shortly.

I have found a lady who does machine knitting at home and she is going to make us some plain jumpers to sell along side our hand knits. I have just sent her a sample of the wool so that she can test it on her knitting machine.

Everything else is more or less back to normal apart from Mum still in hospital and making little progress.

Alario has had to be sent to Coventry again because he has been bullying one of the weanlings quite badly. He is now going to remain in the smallest paddock (known as the pig pen because it was originally intended for our Kune Kune pigs who never arrived!!) on his own. The halter training was interrupted because we thought that after the stress of the Alario incident the weanlings should be given some breathing space. The four boys are doing very well though and are walking on the halter quite politely. A few more sessions and they should be fine.

I am off to a dog agility competition near Preston tomorrow, which is a long way but will make a pleasant break.

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