Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Winter Break at Laurel Farm

The wind is freezing and the rain looks likely to follow soon so I have been taking the opportunity to update our Alpacas for Sale page on our website http://www.laurelfarm.biz/.

I really don't want to sell any of them as they all have their special attributes. Some are very valuable breeding stock and others whilst still being good breeding stock are great characters.

We sell hand knitted garments made from our own undyed wool so it is important that we breed animals with the variety of colours which alpacas are famous for.

As I sit in my office I can see all the females and cria of the herd who have decided to move up to the field nearest the barn in the hope of some extra food. We feed them a supplement several times a week to ensure that their vitamin and mineral levels are kept up.

The cold weather has prompted us to book a week's holiday in the sun in February. The farm is going to be looked after by my son and his family. This year should be less traumatic for them as none of our females are due to give birth until the spring. Last year I was sitting relaxing in a cafe on Gran Canaria when my son phoned to say that one of our recently imported alpacas was giving birth. I talked him through the birth and the cria was successfully born. I think some of the other holiday makers must have thought it a very strange telephone conversation.

He had the added task of performing well as the birth co-incided with one of our many farm visitors. It was thrilling for them and very good experience for David.

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