Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Freezing cold in Devon

Well the winter is showing its true colours today. Freezing winds and snow a possibility, but the alpacas do not care.

We went to Chile to buy them and on the Altiplano where they live, the night time temperature is rarely below freezing and ofter minus 15 - 20 degrees.

They don't seem to mind the wind or the rain on its own but will run for shelter when strong winds combine with heavy rain.

Luckily the cria (baby alpacas) are old enough to have thick fleece to protect them from the elements. The youngest were born in late September and although they stay close to their mothers they do not seem to be bothered by the winter weather.

We have been out cleaning the paddocks and Mike has been cutting back some of the hedges, but decided after lunch to work indoors and hope for better weather for the outdoor tasks.

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