Tuesday 21 May 2019

TLC for Alpacas

We only have sixteen alpacas now as we have retired from the breeding side of the business.  Our six females are pregnant this year as it seemed a shame not to have any cria, but the pln is to keep them on the farm unless our circumstances change.  Also the small herd we have is predominantly male, so it would be great if some of the cria were female to redress the balance.

My friend's son, Jon, comes in for a couple of hours once a week and today he helped me apply cream to the alpacas were the skin was a little sore after shearing.   They don't seem to mind the attention and it gives me a weekly opportunity to carry out health checks and make sure they are all happy and comfortable.

Plum is the latest colour to be added to our range of alpaca socks.   These practical walking socks have a really thick sole and are ideal for all sorts of out door sports.   They are just above ankle length which is ideal for boots or walking shoes.  Click on the image to see our full range of socks, hats, mittens and more.

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