Monday, 20 March 2017

Hen Talk

Our hens are still confined to barracks because of Avian flu prevention rules.  Whilst I was cleaning them out today I noticed that one had an old leg ring which had become distorted and was digging into her leg.  I caught her (after a buit of a chase) and managed to remove the ring.  Unfortunately it was badly embedded and had cut into her flesh.

I cleaned the wound and sprayed with a biocide spray and she seemed fine although there was some bleeding.  Ilove my chickens but they can be horrid.   When I went back to check on her, the other hens had been pecking at her and made it bleed quite badly.

She is now in a box with some straw, water and feed and I hope by tomorrow she will be able to return to the flock.

I never use leg rings now but she must be one of the older  birds. 

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