Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Change of Direction

After several years of breeding and selling alpacas we have reduced the size of our herd and now keep them as pets who contribute to their upkeep by grazing the land and producing lovely fleece at their annual shearing.

We used to have our own fleece spun into yarn but with reduced numbers we now sell the fleece to a spinning mill and buy back yarn for our hand knitting enterprise.

Our friend and neighbour, Pam White does nearly all the hand knitting and I knit scarves and other simple items on a hand operated (as opposed to electric) knitting machine.  We also sell 100% alpaca yarn in the natural colours of the alpaca and dyed wool which is 70% alpaca and 30% Merino wool and comes in many colours.

We still have our chickens and of course they are being kept in at least until the end of February when we hope the ban (due to avian flu in the wild bird population) will be over and they can be allowed to free range once again.

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