Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Another New Arrival


Another new arrival yesterday.  He chose a miserable wet day and we were very concerned that he had not suckled after quite a long time.  I checked his Mum's teats and they were still plugged so we obviously had not missed him suckling.  I unblocked them and gave him some colostrumpaste  hoping to keep him going until we could get him to suckle.

We put Mum and cria in a shelter to try and keep them warm and dry.  He had lots of attempts but could not seem to gt the hang of feeding.   I tried helping but in the end gave up as I felt it was upsetting them both and not getting a result.

Finally he seemed to get the idea and fingers crossed he will be OK.  It is a worry as if he did not get him Mum's protection early enough he might pick up an infection or Clostridial disease which is caused by bacteria that occurs widely in soil. Death is  sudden and animals are usually found dead without any visable signs.  The mother passes on immunity to  through her colostrum which the cria needs as soon after birth as possible.

He is looking quite bright and normal today, so fingers crossed.

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