Friday, 30 January 2015

Muddy nuisance

Life is mainly a battle against the growing depth of mud in key areas such as the tracks and the entrance to Mike's Yard and the chicken housing.  It is harmless, of course, but just makes everything  a bit slower.  The control nozzles have broken on all the hose pipes and so instead of showering the dogs I make a big game of it and wave the hose pipe around (which Charlie and Dolly love, Romie is not too sure).  Mike deals with Jake and Millie, our old girl, gets special treatment with warm water and a bucket.

We are obviously not alone because when Mike tried to get new nozzles they had sold out.   We hope to get them this week.

We are running out of grass in the home paddocks and so after checking the boundaries to make sure the ram cannot escape again, we have sent the male alpacas and all the sheep down to the winter paddocks.   There is plenty of clean grass down there, although probably not a lot of nourishment in it this time of year.

Mike took the old stock box down so that I can store their hay and feed in it.   We made a small pen to feed the sheep in - otherwise they hog their own food and then bully our nice polite alpacas off theirs!!

After a very quiet week or two after Christmas (to be expected) we are getting a few more customers online and in the shop.  We are still deciding what to do about our reduced herd of alpacas.  We want to keep them for their fleece, but on the other hand we could do with selling some to cover the feed bills.

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