Sunday, 23 February 2014

Grazing the Days Away

Whilst we are waiting for Nick's (Influenza) and Mike's (Irregular Heatbeat) health and the weather to improve the shop remains shut, so we decided it would be a good idea to let the female alpacas and the Gotland sheep graze in that paddock.

Not a simple as it sounds because the hedges are laid in the traditional way and would be alpaca proof especially as we have a long Devon Bank across the frontage to the main road, but we were not so sure about the sheep.  Nick only did the hedges at the end of last year and so they have yet to thicken, leaving a couple of places where a determined ewe could access the road.  Mike and I spent a happy hour untangling some netting and making a temporary block in both the top corners.  

Yesterday whilst I was at a dog agility competition, Mike opened the paddock gate to the female herd.   At first they just glanced but then the penny dropped and they galloped in to take advantage of the lovely fresh grazing, not to mention my containers of Geraniums.   Let's hope they are not poisonous to sheep or alpacas - too late now!!

Today I visited a lovely couple who took on two alpacas from us a few years ago.  Chris and Caesar's owner was moving and could not take them with her so left them with us to rehome.  Ever since I have been helping with some of their husbandry.   They now do it all themselves with the exception of the annual vaccinations.   Today was the mutually convenient day for this and prior to leaving I thought I would use some iodine to clean my wellies.   It was an excellent moment to discover I had sprung a leak.   I had rubber gloves on my hands, which remain pristine, but I am also sporting a right foot which looks as though it has a smoking habit.

I changed boots and used our usual disinfectant with no known side effects and arrived at my destination looking reasonably normal, I think.

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