Thursday, 30 May 2013

Settling In

Alario has arrived in his new home in Italy and his new owner seems very happy with him.

It makes life a lot easier for us because he always had a paddock to himself since, years ago, he fell out with Pedro, one of our stud males.

We sold Chale at the weekend but unfortunately he has been injured.   Probably during one of the occasional chase arounds that the males have with each other when they get over excited about something.   His left hind leg was not weight bearing.

The vet came and gave him an injection of Metacam (anti- inflammatory and pain killer) but was not hopeful. She said if there was no improvement in a couple of days we should think of culling him.

I was not convinced but Mike and I agreed that as long as he had quality of life there was no need for the knacker man to visit.  He was eating well and so instead of keeping him in a stable where he was lonely and
fed up I let him out to roam with the weanling males.  (probably have to start calling them yearlings soon!).  Apart from anything else he really does not cost us anything to keep, especially this time of year when the grass is good.

Today he is much better and putting some weight on his poorly leg, so we expect he will be OK to go to his new home shortly.  The patches are mud not a colour change!!

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