Friday, 23 November 2012

The South West has been hard hit by the recent rainfall and we have not escaped.   The farm is absolutely sodden and every time we drive the quad or a tractor the ground is torn apart.  After some of the recent rainfall it seemed as though we were actually on a waterfall and in the winter paddocks which are much lower, parts look like a lake.

Mike and Nick have been gradually going round the perimeter trying to clear ditches and cut back hedges but it is like painting the Forth Bridge.  Luckily Mike had dug a new ditch which has taken a lot of the water into the stream which runs along side the lowest paddocks.   Rain from the main road and off the fields above us  runs over our land when the ground is too wet to absorb it.

Five dogs in a small space makes for a lot of cleaning up every day indoors.  Thank goodness they are outside for most of the day.  They even have the sense to go in to their kennel when the rain is really heavy and they are sure they are not missing anything that is going on.

The rain was very heavy the night before last and a gutter broke on the Buck's shelter which meant that they had flowing water running through all night.   They looked rather fed up and bedraggled next day.  Usually, however, the goats really seem to like being shut in their cosy shelters with nice dry straw and fresh hay and water every day.

  Although the alpacas have shelter they do not seem to bother to use it.   Sometimes if it is very windy and wet they will run for the hedge but mainly they just put up with it.

We have weaned quite most of this year's cria now so we have some boys to sell again.  We will run the girls on and either keep them for breeding or sell them when they are old enough to breed from.

The house is coming along quite steadily.   Upstairs has been insulated and plaster-boarded ready for plastering and decorating.   There is a bit of a problem with the stair well.  It is out of line and so the plaster board for the ceiling downstairs will not fit properly.   We are trying to get the company that installed the pre-fabricated insulation panels to come back and fix it.

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