Friday, 22 June 2012

New Arrivals

We were doing some agility training this morning when the girls put themselves in the top paddock behind the house.  We took the opportunity to shut them in and after training I went to open the gate and noticed that Nina, a pretty fawn female who belongs to my friend, Pauline, had a pair of legs sticking out of her bottom.   This is a classic clue that a birth is imminent.   Sure enough by the time I nipped down to the barn to collect the purple spray (anti bacterial spray which prevents infection through the navel after birth) and walked back up, she had produced a fawn male cria.   I sprayed him and gave him a vigorous rub with a towel to get him going and left them to it as the weather was fairly warm and there was no rain for a change.

I glanced at the others and noticed that good old Bourree, one of our original herd, had casually given birth to a very pretty VERY black female cria.   She was standing next to another black female, but I soon found out that Bourree was the Mum as when I picked up her cria, she spat at me and tried to run me off.   I quickly ducked in and did the necessary and left them all to commune with nature.

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