Wednesday 29 February 2012

Last minute rush

We have been rushing to beat the March 1st deadline, after which some actions are not allowed on farms, such as cutting hedges.  This is to protect wild life and birds which may be building nests in the hedgerows.   We had gradually been removing the poisonous laurel hedge (which gave the farm its name) so that we can extend the goats' grazing.  Our neighbour has been helping.  Mike finished it off this morning.  Lucky it is a leap year.

We have some swallow boxes which we bought because we are converting a barn and not building a new house.   We have to make provision for the returning swallows in the new barn.  We would have done so anyway, as we like to see them swooping in and out even if they do make a real mess.

Mike has also been clearing ditches in the winter paddocks.   They were becoming nasty stagnant waterways, and were not doing their job.

I have been trying to get our youngest male to take an interest in the females in the hope that he will be working this spring.   I introduced him to an infertile female who usually welcomes the attentions of her suitors but so far has failed to become pregnant.   Unfortunately she rejected him!!  I don't know if she just took a dislike to him or if amazingly, she is finally pregnant.   Better luck next time.

The retaining wall at the back of the house has been completed but we cannot move on until the new barn floor has been laid.   The builders keep promising to come but so only their digger has arrived!!  They are going to give Mike a final fixed date of starting - they say.

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