Monday, 1 August 2011


We checked the does udders and found that they are fine.   They seem quite happy to share a paddock with Alario (the lone male) and the chickens or what is left of them.  Even Number 7 kid has stopped bleating and they just look like a contented herd of small goats.

Because the grass is not as good as we would hope at this time of year we have opened up all the paddocks on the North side of the farm so that the alpacas and their babies can graze a bigger area rather be confined to a small paddock and then moved on to the next small paddock.  They are also grazing in the race which is the lane which runs down the middle of the field dividing the paddocks on either side.  Its main use is for driving the tractor through, herding alpacas from paddock to paddock or up to the barn,  or for us walking around the farm without having to open too many gates on the way.  It also helps to form catch pens when we need to gather animals in a small area to carry out husbandry or check their condition.

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