Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day of Rest

Mike is feeling under the weather and so is taking it easy today.   Having said that we have cleaned out the chicken houses and of course the goats have to be fed and watered twice a day.   They all seem to be in good health at the moment.  We are going to worm them tomorrow or Tuesday just to be on the safe side.   When we come back from holiday the kids will be ready to wean.   I am not looking forward to that as they are noisy enough as it is - they will really have something to bleat about when their Mums are not there to feed them!!

It is very humid but still no sign of the desperately needed rain.   We have moved Chris and Caesar (the newest boys) into the race leading from our garden.   There is plenty of grass there and next to the other males so they get used to being near them.  They look a lot more comfortable since Colin sheared them.

The dogs are much calmer now that Jax (David's dog) has gone home.    She is a lovely dog but I think she caused a bit of excitement and jealousy, especially as I was using her sheepdog skills to move the alpacas.   She is absolutely brilliant at her job although she has not really had any formal training.

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