Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Keeping things going

Our International Tractor has broken down and Mike has not had time to fix it yet so he is busy keeping the Fergie going.   He likes using this one but it is only suitable for the flatter paddocks.

Our Ride on Lawn Mower is doing a sterling job with the Agility training area and our campers have been a great help for the last couple of days.   They are having a break from the painting work whilst other trades take over and so are helping us on the farm.

We have plenty of white clover growing which apparently is a good sign and puts nitrates back into the soil Which is good I think.

No more births to report but several of the girls are looking fit to bust.

The kids are lively as ever and seem to have forgotten about their big ear tags.

We caught up with the spit offs and matings this afternoon with three of the four stud males having a good time.  One more female, Bourree, will be covered tomorrow.

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