Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Alpaca Train

We are reminded daily that alpacas are camelids.   They just have that lollopy walk and when moving up towards the barn as it is getting late or sometimes if the weather turns sour, they form a line just like a camel train.

Charlie, our new dog, has just been to the vet for his first vaccination.  We are not sure if he has had one before so are treating him like a puppy.  He will have to have his second one in 3 - 4 weeks and then he will just have annual vaccinations like the other dogs.

Exciting news!! Romie also went to the vet and it is official, she is pregnant.   4/5 puppies at least.   We have never bred puppies before so I will have to get some books and google for information.  Tessa, the vet, says we should start to feed her a bit more and a lot when she is lactating.    That will not be hard as Romie's main fixation in life (apart from Agility) is food.  She eats for England and is often to be seen inside an empty feed bag finishing off alpaca, goat or chicken feed that might have been left behind.

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