Monday, 13 July 2009

Not a lot

Not much going on at the moment. No births this week.

One of the alpacas who looked fit to bust a couple of weeks ago now does not look pregnant. I am hoping it is just that the cria has shifted position ready to arrive in the world. The weather has not been great this week but the grass is looking lovely and green because it has been fairly warm and wet. The Mums seem to be having enough sense to take the really young cria into the shelter at night when it is very wet.

At last the chickens are back to laying six eggs a day. Mike has done a lot of strimming so if there was a stash anywhere he would probably have uncovered it by now, so maybe they were just having a rest. After all they laid every day throughout the winter. We will never know.

Everything else is just going on as normal.

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