Thursday, 24 July 2008

Catching up

There won't be many pictures for the next couple of weeks. David and Jane and the grandchildren looked after the farm for us last weekend and then went on to get the ferry from Plymouth to Spain for a week and then they are going on to the Pyranees for two weeks. On their return they are going to look after the farm for a week whilst we go off to two weeks of dog competitions in Peterborough, Ipswich and then Cheshire. Mike's sister and her husband are coming to look after things for the second week.

We are looking after Jax, David's dog. She is a fantastic sheepdog and adapts seamlessly to alpacas. She has not been professionally trained but is a brilliant working dog who seems to understand what to do with very little guidance.

David and Jane have borrowed the camera as they forgot their's.

We are starting to have more farm visitors now that the schools have broken up and fleece and garment sales are going well.

We are all up to date with our matings which will help us towards our goal of increasing the herd size so that we can sell breeding stock without depleting the herd.

Today's picture is of my uncle, who came to visit recently. He is a towny, but he loved the alpacas and got on well with our six dogs, even though he is in his eighties! He came with his lady friend and she took the pictures, including the one of me with Mooching Millie the dog.

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