Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Getting it together

Today has been dry and not too cold for once. We have managed to get plenty of routine jobs done - exciting things like hoovering up poo in the paddocks.

More halter training today which was quite uneventful - which means successful. No-one tried to throw themselves on the ground and no-one seemed very worried when having the halter put on. Nearly all the cria trotted round the catch pen quite happily, so fingers crossed we will have some well behaved animals to show on Saturday and Sunday.

I decided today that Miguel, a pretty little black alpaca is not breeding standard and so I have put him on our website for sale today. See the picture of Mike getting Miguel into a suitable pose for the camera.

Actually managed to get the shop looking as though we are in business again today. Everything is on display and priced and we should be ready to open again next week after a marathon sewing on of labels on to our hand made garments. Not hand made by me, I hasten to add, but by some very clever knitting ladies that work for us and also by the Aymara Indians whom we met when we went to Chile to buy our alpacas.

Must go as I am off to the second bout of halter training of the day and then have to feed everyone including alpacas, dogs and humans. I might get a job in a zoo soon - I am getting plenty of experience!!

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