Monday, 11 February 2008

Going away on holiday

Just a quick note before we disappear on holiday for a week or so.

Sadly have now removed all the weanlings from their mums. Most of them were more than ready, but some now have to go it alone because their mothers are getting too thin and need building up.

It is a lovely sight when you drive in the yard now because we have fifteen fluffy youngsters free ranging the top three paddocks and coming into the yare for feeding or just when they are feeling curious. It makes it more convenient for halter training too, as they are all handy.

Tomorrow five of our six dogs will be delivered to their various holiday homes. Maddy, our black and white lurcher, will be staying at home to play with my son's dog and children.

All have been bathed, beds washed, and food bought ready for their new homes.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather I have been photographing all the alpacas which are for sale to go on our website.

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