Monday, 2 December 2019

Quiet Day

Even the weather is quiet today.  The wet weather and at times bitterly cold winds seem to have given way to sunshine.   It was frosty this morning but that is so much better than rain.

With the male alpacas gone, the barn is not needed as a night time shelter now and has returned to a cart lodge and storage area.   We are expecting a skip soon so that we can have a good clear out and tidy up so that we can put our private vehicles under cover.  It will be lovely not to be scraping frost off the windows in the mornings.

The chickens seem to be on strike at the moment with fewer eggs.   Unless we have some really unseasonable weather I expect it will be the spring before they get back to their full potential.
I am thinking of buying another batch of hens because we have lost a few recently due to old age.
That will help boost the egg production and reduce the impact of the older birds who are no longer laying many eggs.

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