Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Mixed Christmas

Mike took our presents up to the family in Salisbury just before Christmas which was just as well as it turned out, because on Christmas Day he was not feeling very good so I went up on my own for a few hours and he stayed at home.

It was lovely seeing everyone and Jane, my daughter-in-law put on a lovely spread helped by the "chuildren" home from Uni for the holidays.

It was not very nice travelling home as it was quite dark by the time I reached the A303 but I managed to come off at the right roundabout and made reasonable time.   Mike was much better when I got home but said he thought he had made the right decision in not coming.   As we are looking after Pauline's dogs as well as our own, it was good for them to have him on hand to let them out and they kept each other company.

We hope everything will be back to normal next Christmas.
Bobble hats sold very well before Christmas and I am still selling the surplus stock on our website www.alpaca-stuff.co.uk.  Click on the photo to see all our remaining socks and hand knits. 

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