Sunday, 8 December 2019

Chickens on the move

Yesterday we moved the chicken run - which is a effectively a small paddock in the field near the house.   The female alpacas and chickens have been sharing the same area for some time and we felt they should have fresh pasture.

Unfortunately the hens did not quite understand and  several of them spent yesterday finding ways to get back into their original paddock.   We could not find a break in the wire netting we use to keep them in so assume that they must be flying out.  I was afraid that we might have to clip the wings of the repeat offenders but luckily they seem to be getting the idea that the new pasture is quite nice after all.    At least three of them insist on laying their eggs in the alpaca shelter and it has taken a a few attempts  to explain to them that the new shelter also has a hay rack where they can deposit their eggs if the nesting boxes inside their house are not comfy enough!

The weather has been very changeable and they have spent most of today dashing for cover when the high winds and rain started and then coming out one by one when the sun appeared again.

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