Friday, 14 November 2014

Sheep Shape

We kept the sheep in the barn for a few days to keep them warm after shearing but they were starting to get restless and so today we let them out with the female alpacas for company.   They loved it and the fab four were always in the forefront wherever the alpacas were.  We will probably let them stay together so that the sheep paddock can be rested for a while before the ram, Henning III comes to stay.

I have been busy replanting the strawberry plants into containers.  My friend and neighbour, Pam gave me 30 new plants so with my own runners and the established plants I reckon we will be selling a few strawberries in the shop next year.

Mike is about to start cutting the hedges back and so there will be bean sticks for us and to sell as well as willow whips from our willow trees which we bought back in the summer.   Every little helps, as they say.

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