Monday, 17 November 2014

Colourful Shop

The continuing rain is making the land very soggy and every indentation becomes a mini lake every time we have a downpour.  Mike is busy changing the hen house and run, making use of the old goathouse to give them more perches and removing the current night time shed.  This will mean that the main entrance to the run will be at the side on flat ground instead of the front which is in a slight dip and is now almost ankle deep in mud.

When it is done it will make life more pleasant for us when we clean out the pens and sheds and also make it easier to keep the hens' feet  clean so that they don't make the eggs so dirty in wet weather.   When they have laid an egg they roll it around with their feet and any mud is often then attached to the egg, which makes them look grubby to say the least.

We have decided to bring the male alpacas up to the home paddocks as the bottom paddocks are fairly wet in the winter normally, and they don't seem to have recovered completely from last year's soakings yet.  The only concern is that they will be in a field right next to the female alpacas, and as some of the the females are not pregnant, this might cause some problems with the males.   If it becomes too difficult we may have to think of a different solution whilst still giving them all access to shelter when they need it.

The shop is in need of the TLC.  It needs to be waterproofed and painted. At the moment you can see the rain seeping into the actual wood.  We have decided to give it a bit of a face lift at the same time and use some Cuprinol colour which will brighten it up as well as preserve it.

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