Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Alpacas Fighting Problem Solved


Well, I emailed the vet, but Tessa, who usually looks after our alpacas was going away on holiday.  Lucky for Pedro, because instead of booking her in on her return we are going with Mike's obvious idea!!

The sheep have always liked Pedro and used to follow him around when they were together before, so he is going to live permanently with the sheep.  It might be a bit inconvenient sometimes as we often put the sheep and alpacas in together, but this way Pedro with be useful as a sheep/lamb guard and he will probably be happier in the long run.  It must be very stressful fighting and protecting "his" females all the time.

At the moment they are all out in the pouring, freezing rain, but they have access to shelter all over the place, so I can only assume the rain has not yet got through their thick fleece.  The hens have got more sense.   They have spent most of the day in their shelter.   Unfortunately they do not seem to be laying many eggs at the moment.   We shut them in for a day yesterday to try and check whether they are laying elsewhere but it seems not, as the number of eggs in the shelter were the same as before.

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