Monday, 6 October 2014

Weather or Not

After a really good summer which has made all the jobs seem much easier, we experienced torrential rain and very high winds last night.   The chairs and tables where we offered teas and coffees next to the shop were blown around and the ice cream sign came apart.   Luckily there was no real damage and we will be storing the furniture away in the garden shed tomorrow.

The day started off very wet so we both went out and cleaned and fed the chickens and checked on all the animals before going back indoors to get out of the rain and do some of the many outstanding jobs in the dry.

Mike put the first coat of white on the ceiling in the room next to our bedroom which took quite a few hours.  I missed the opportunity to photograph him actually painting.  In the photos he (and of course trusty friend, Jake) are on the way down and are in the boot room/dog room.

I carried on the exciting stint of washing the paintwork which I have been doing gradually over a few days. After a good soaking first thing, the dogs seemed quite happy to laze around indoors.

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