Friday, 17 October 2014

Mike comes to the rescue

This is the time of year when the footfall in the farm shop increases.  We should probably fix some antlers to an alpaca and dress Mike up as Father Christmas - only problem is they would probably both have strong objections to that idea. Socks are very popular at the moment - luckily because I have had to change my supplier and buy larger quantities.

The damp, mild weather creates an ideal breeding environment for fluke (a dangerous parasite which causes permanent liver damage) so starting in October we medicate the alpacas and sheep to try and protect them against this dangerous and unwanted pest.  They will repeat this at least twice more over the winter period.

Having got to grips with my knitting machine at long last, I needed to make some more scarves, so I set up the machine and started the process when to my dismay the carriage on the ribber attachment dropped to the floor.  Apparently I had not located it properly and although it looked OK it was not fixed.

The floor in the farm office is tiled so of course the carriage could not fall sideways, it had to be face down which meant that the plastic cover for the cam lever (whatever that is) broke and lodged itself inside the housing.

I could see that the carriage could be dismantled, but given my record in putting things back together when I have investigated problems, I felt it was best left to Mike.   When he got home he stuck the plastic back together with super glue and this morning it is ready to go again.   Fingers crossed all will be well.

I think I am having in the throws of a series of small but annoying problems.  I undid a new bale of straw this morning to put in the chicken shed when I cleaned it out and managed to drag the baler twine along,  which decided to wrap itself round the wheel of the wheel barrow several times before I noticed.  I went to get another wheelbarrow and by the time I got back the alpacas had scoffed half the chicken food which was also in the barrow.

All went well then until I went into the shed where the chickens are fed.   The lid fell off one of the feeders and I put the bucket on the floor so I could pick it up.   Several hens jumped on the bucked and emptied the contents on the floor.  I left them to it and went back to try and dislodge the baler twine which was embedded around the hub of the barrow wheel.

At least that went well and I am now safely indoors!!

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