Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Breakfast at Laurel Farm


It is on days like this that living the good life seems like reality.   This is the view from our kitchen yesterday. The hembres (female alpacas)  with their cria are free ranging the home paddocks at the moment whilst Mike and Nick demolish rotten fencing and re-organise the set up.  Now that we have fewer alpacas we do not need to separate groups often and so are not going to replace all the fencing, leading to larger grazing areas.  The barn will be the only handling area and the yard where the alpacas are lazing around will be out of bounds except as a holding area and lead in to the barn when we need to carry out routine husbandry, shearing, medication, and so on.

After a relaxing sunbathing session in the yard they retired to back garden for a quick top up.

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