Saturday, 7 December 2013

Branding complete

Having reduced our herd of alpacas this year we are taking the opportunity to re-brand the business with greater emphasis on the wonderful alpaca products that are available both from our own alpacas and from South America.   Our online shop has been revamped and the Christmas Market was  a re-launch for the farm shop.

We will always have our own alpaca wool and our practical, classic hand knitted products but there is also a place for the lovely bright colours available from South America .

The new borns in the spring will revitalise the herd and continue to provide lovely soft fleece for spinning.  I just love the baby alpaca fleece which is the softest of all.

Last Monday I had a visit from a representative of the FSB - Federation of Small Businesses and by joining I have got some really good deals for the shop.   Special Business banking rates and also an excellent deal on a card terminal.  In the past at shows and on the farm we have lost quite a few product sales because we did not take plastic.   Now we can!!

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