Monday, 9 September 2013

Autumn Leaves

After spending most of the summer in the home paddocks we have moved all but three stud males down to the winter paddocks which have been rested all summer.  The good weather has produced some really lush grass and we hope it will help to prepare them for the winter to come.  The three remaining boys are charged with guarding the chickens and keeping the grass down in the barn area and round the house.

We took four young male alpacas on Saturday and three on Sunday to the River cottage Autumn Fair.  Our pitch was near one of the main entrances so the alpacas were the first thing that many visitors saw.   The children were very excited and could not wait to come and meet them.   We had the same pitch as last year but a very rustic and well built lambing shed had been built where we had our tent before.  Luckily it had a big overhang on the roof and so we were able to display our products under it.  There was even an abandoned farmhouse dresser which made an attractive display unit for some of our knitwear.  As always alpaca socks were one of the most popular item followed by our hand made beanie hats and mittens.  We were very grateful for the solid roof when we have a bit of a cloudburst as were several passing visitors.

We even took orders for Christmas presents, so Pam and I need to get knitting.  My machine knitting lady, Jean, made two sample double rib alpaca scarves  which were ready for me to collect on Friday evening.  When I arrived home at about 7 p.m. I settled down to make the fringes, with Mike's help.   He measured and cut the wool so that I could thread the strands at both end of the finished scarves.   They were lovely and soft and very cosy looking. They both sold within the first hour, so they will definitely be added to our Christmas stock.

This afternoon we unpacked the truck and took all the summer furniture out of the summer house in the top paddock ready to turn it back into a shop ready for the pre-Christmas trade.

Lacking green fingers, I seem to be doing quite well at keeping the containers of geraniums and busy lizzy alive and well and have even planted a bed of strawberries - my very favourite fruit.  Pam has a beautiful garden including a pristine vegetable patch.  She kindly gave me 18 plants which I am keen to keep healthy so that we can enjoy a yummy crop next year

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