Saturday, 29 December 2012

Given up

We have decided to get all the alpacas in, and give them some respite from the continuing rain and the sodden ground.  We were a little concerned that they would be over-crowded in the barn, and they are, but they seem happier than they were outside.    We can also ensure that they are getting enough to eat when they are totally under our control and not having to use so much energy to keep warm.

Only the sheep and Alario (the male who fights with the others) are left in the open paddocks at the moment.   the sheep have got a good shelter and their hay rack is next to it so they can keep dry when they want to.   Most of the time they just graze on outside.   They are company for Alario but we are not sure if he appreciates them - although he is happy enough to share their feed.

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