Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Well the farm looks pretty much deserted now that all the goats and alpacas are housed inside.  Chickens rule OK.

Once again the weather has been appalling today, even though the forecast was for an improvement.   We look forward to that.   I braved the rain to visit a client who has three pet alpacas and wanted help with their toe nails.  The road from here to Chard, three miles away, was flooded in several places and there was single lane traffic because only the centre of the road was passable in quite a few places.   Maybe I have just been lucky, but today was the worst I have seen the main road since we have lived here.

The builders are coming back on the 2nd to do some more decorating and lay the floor,  and then the plumbing and electrics will be finished off.  Not much more to do, but all quite expensive jobs.  

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