Sunday, 18 March 2012

Relaxing weekend

Mike did all the farm chores yesterday whilst I took Romie dog training and then rushed home to give the place a quick spruce up and make up a bed for my friend Pauline to spend the weekend with us.

She brought her three dogs, including  Dodger, Dolly's litter brother.  With our six, it was quite a pack,but they all got on very well and were very good with all the animals.   This was especially important because we are free ranging the male alpacas and one of the does with her two kids in the paddocks around the house where some of the fences have been partially dismantled during the building works on the new barn.

So far all the kids are doing well, but it will be another few weeks before I feel really confident.  Just me being cautious.

The adoptee seems to be bonded with his new Mum, but they are the ones free-ranging away from the main herd to make sure that she does not get confused and also to give time for his real mum to forget he is hers.  Nick said to be sure we need to keep them away for three weeks so there is still about  a week to go.

She is now being housed in an ex chicken shed at night, although the chickens seem to think she is just a single mum with 2 kids lodging there.  The kids kept using the feed bucket as a bedroom so now there are two feed buckets- one for haylage and one for the kids.

Pauline helped to halter train the next two young males on the list.  Pauline took Tajo  who is the mid brown son of Pedro and he has stunning fleece, lovely nature, and looks really smart too.   We are not going to any alpaca shows this year, but I am sure he would do well if we did.   As usual, of course, all the weanlings have lovely fleece but it is already too long for showing.  I took Senon, a little white male with attitude,but as I said to Pauline, it seems that the most stroppy end up being easier to train for some reason.  Maybe we just have to put in more effort.  Only two go after that.

I have removed all the stock from the farm shop ready for the building works  to start on the 26 March, and we are now only selling online with a  few outside events lined up.  The future of the alpaca products is still undecided,but I really like having them as it is what the alpaca is really about.  Their fleece is so lovely it  would be sad not to use it.

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