Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Changing Places

Nick is continuing with the fertilising and spreading Grasstrak which is a mineral supplement for the soil.  This is a good way to get vital minerals into the alpacas naturally.

We are trying to make a start on mating the  alpacas who were not mated at the end of last year.  We thought we would try out our young males but they did not seem at all interested.   They are still a bit young, but I was hoping for at least a little enthusiasm.  It is strange that they are both acting the same way, so it is probably just a matter of timing.   We'll try again in a few weeks.

All the goats and kids seem to be fine.  Number 7 is still having a top up bottle every day.  As soon as she sees me enter the paddock she comes rushing over bleating until I give her the bottle.  She worries me a bit because she is so anxious to get the milk  down her I am worried that she will burst.  Much to her disgust I take the bottle away during her feed so she has a chance to let her tummy settle. 

Although we could do with some rain, it is lovely having nice spring weather.  The female alpacas in the winter paddocks spend a lot of time paddling in the stream or in their water hole which is spring fed.  When we brought the herd up to pick out the ones for mating they kept stopping at the dusty patches for a lovely roll.  

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