Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Little Life Lost

We went to a dog show at the weekend and Nick looked after the farm.   Sadly one of the little kids that I had been feeding suddenly died.  He seemed fine and then the next time Nick checked he was dead in the shelter.   He had been scouring a little and we had given him some medication but it was difficult to tell what caused his death.  He was quite full so he might have gorged himself on the milk bucket, or maybe he was just destined not to live.

The other problem kid number 7, seems to be coping alright and we are keeping a close eye on her.  Her Mum is the Doe with only one udder working and twins to feed.

The  good news is that Romie with her brother, Nikey, made it to the semi finals in the knock out pairs and have qualified for the finals.  Unfortunately they are held Up North so we probably won't be going.  We'll see.

The grass is growing at last - Nick has been fertilising the farm and I have been battling with the grass which we laughingly call the lawn.  Shame it all has to grow at once.

The alpacas are loving the sun and spending a lot of  time lying around soaking up the rays.

Hooray - Dolly can do the weaves on her own now so it is just a question of getting more speed and experience before she is a fully qualified agility dog.    I will be getting her measured at Kernow show at Easter.  There is no doubt that she will be a Large as opposed to Medium or Small dog for competition but it has to be officially confirmed.

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