Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hens are getting ready for Easter

We are up to 5 eggs a day now with a further 10 Black Rock hens on order for the spring so all being well we will be back in full production in time for Easter.

At last we are feeling that the spring is not too far away, although we are still going through hay like there is no tomorrow.  In general the alpacas are in good condition but one or two could do with a little more weight.  Once the grass starts to grow they will all balloon both with their unborn and through better grazing.

I woke up in the early hours because one of the dogs was barking, and I went out to the kennel to see that everything was alright.  Whilst I was out there I heard a really strange noise - I could not work out what it was and then it increased and became more of a scream, so I thought maybe something had got in with the alpacas.   So - imagine me in my nightie, dressing gown and wellies - I got a torch, shouted to Mike and went off to the most likely suspects, our stud males.   When I got there they were happily chewing the cud and none of them had any tell tale signs of stress, the weanlings were fine as were the Chardstock 6.  I did bother to go down to the winter paddocks because the noise was much closer to home.   In the end, after getting really cold, we decided that I had probably heard a pheasant being caught by a fox.  Perhaps the echo from the woods next door gave the noise a different sound.

Lucky it was not alpaca rustlers as I would not have made a very good opponent armed only with a torch!!
Might have frightened them away perhaps!!

Nothing much else to report.  Life goes on as usual.   Goats and alpacas and dogs all doing well.   The cat is still being an indoor cat at the moment so we know the winter is still on!!

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